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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Community Gardens


Fellowship Gardens - Alexandria United Methodist Church 

Gardener Guidelines

We are happy that you are interested in being a gardener at Fellowship Gardens.  Community    Gardens  are places to share the love of gardening, cultivate friendships, strengthen neighborhoods, relieve hunger, improve nutrition, enjoy recreational and therapeutic opportunities, and positively use this great resource of land.
Since 2010 volunteers have built thirty seven 4' x 8' raised garden beds (2 are wheelchair accessible) and several compost bins.  Future beds are being planned.
To make the growing experience enjoyable for everyone, we have created the following timelines and  guidelines:
1.  United Methodist Church will start accepting garden bed requests by mid-February.  You may request a second bed which will be assigned if there are extra, empty beds after June 1st.
2.  Beds will be assigned by mid-April.  Returning gardeners who submit their request by mid-March will be assigned the same bed as the previous year.  Other requests will be filled in the order received.
3.  All gardens must be planted by June 10th of each year.  Any gardens remaining empty on June 11th will be reassigned or planted by the Garden Committee as Pay-It-Forward Gardens.
4.  You may plant annual vegetables, flowers, or other produce legally grown in Minnesota.  The Garden Committee and volunteers will maintain one herb garden amongst the beds for all gardeners to enjoy.
5.  Gardeners will complete a diagram of what was planted in their garden by July 1st so that soil nutrient content may be appropriately maintained.
6.  Please be a good steward of the land and use organic gardening practices.  Please maintain the gardens as herbicide and pesticide-free and compost according to the posted directions.
7.  Please keep garden produce within the confines of your assigned raised bed by using stakes or low fencing when necessary to assist the groundskeepers.
8.  Please keep your garden free of weeds and also help to keep the walking paths weed-free.
9.  Gardening hours are from sunrise to sunset.
10.  What you grow is for your personal use.  You are encouraged to share extra produce with the Douglas County Food Shelf and/or United Way Food Drop.
11.  The gardens, and all Alex UMC property, are tobacco and alcohol-free.
12.  Please be respectful and considerate of your gardening neighbors as well as the church's neighbors by creating and maintaining a quiet and peaceful environment.
13.  Please pick up trash and take it home.
Community Gardens were built and continue through the labor of volunteers.  Please participate by helping in future builds, being on the garden committee, and/or maintaining the Pay-It-Forward Patches.  Participation and adherence to the guidelines will be expected.  There is no fee charged for using the garden beds.  if volunteering time is not possible, a free-will donation will be appreciated.
Updated 3/2013